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My Tea Party
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emma by Papillon Bleu UK

This is my newest little girl by a very gifted soft doll artist Patricia.
She has just the most beautiful imagination which matches the sweet faced girls she lovingly creates.
Her newest girl named Emma didn't last long on ETSY!
On first sight I just had to make her mine.
I love the long chats and friendship we have formed over discussing the Orphan's story, my special masquerade doll and the happy news I am to be one of the lucky people to be adopting when their story is done telling.
I can't wait to receive them and all the way from the UK.
Do go and have a look at the Story so far on

Very Cute!

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  1. Oh Christine!
    I wonder how I haev missed this post. You are such a sweet heart!!! I am very touched by this.
    Thank you.